A phrase that validates the purpose, authenticate ones position and awakens the unfortunate competitive nature of children in this entertainment industry.  

This particular phrase is the perfect solvent of children who are devoted to their specific craft whether it is music, modeling, acting, dancing, singing or whatever else falls under this big umbrella of the Entertainment business. As a parent to a child in the business, We rarely celebrate such phrase but have being guilty of using it to level the playing field.  I’m sure it feels good to post or even celebrate, but to what extent does it call for a celebration? Especially when my peers are dealing with rejection after rejection. “You did a great job” thank you for coming out is obviously the new “NO” and a pleasant let down.  I get it! After countless auditions and Castings, we can all get distracted.  As a parent one feel useless at times and desperate measures often lead to some of the biggest mistakes. Me personally I go above and beyond to prepare my children for the many scenarios they may face, but how they personify and interpret a particular lesson is beyond my control.  So you begin spending money that’s not budgeted into monthly bills just to give your child a fighting chance on acting lessons, singing lessons, dancing lessons, swimming even tai Kwon do. I mean, I’m Jamaican stuck in my ways trying to break the cycle and expand my children’s knowledge In order for them to experience various levels of extracurricular activity’s, while perfecting their craft. 

Being a parent in this business, there is no shortage of rejections where one has no control.  All of this comes on the heels of hoping the manager/agent emails or call to say your child “Booked” the gig they auditioned for. What happens when that call or email doesn’t come? Do you throw the towel in and say, “To Hell with This”, or does one “Brush their shoulders off and say “there’s always a next one”, weeks later another chance arise. The same repetitive cycle of rejection is echoing again, knowing well this child is fed up of rejection when all her peers are booking jobs and though  she is not a textbook nine year old she cant be casted to portray the average nine year old.

As a parent I often ask my child to give me feedbacks of how that went, based off the answer I pretty much sum up how the Process went. My excitement stems from my children getting the opportunity to go out on an audition, but that’s just me. Booking is obviously an added bonus.  I can’t say for sure what’s going on in my children’s head because they are so excited to go into the city they rarely focus on the reasons why we are often there. While I may be excited at an opportunity this is not me Living through my children, my excitement comes from a place of mundane gratitude. Many said I wouldn’t be able to be a single mother of four children.  Yet alone give them the opportunity to participate in unlikely agendas. So, here I stand facing adversity in the face while my parental skills have being measured, my ability to balance life has being measured, and every choice til this day is oftentimes still measured.  The Entertainment business fell into our path through idle social media behavior and so we welcomed the idea as a family who were interested in something different. By chance we have met some amazing individuals from all walks of life, and we have welcomed friendship from social platforms where we have engaged in friendly chatter.   My children has had so many opportunities to experience life on the outside of our cultural community.  An experience that far exceeds itself, should I be so lucky.

I for one have being guilty of the phrase “Booked it” on various social media platforms but like some, it was just a stark reminder that We too are in the Competitive field of trying to get a coveted spot in the entertainment world.  It was never our intentions to brag and boast like some do.  It was just a ignorant ploy to remind some of the selfish momagers that their children aren’t the only ones worthy of a chance.  We solicit viewers from other children in the business from all social platforms similar to ours so that we are always in the running.  Like many my daughters have what it takes, my sons have what it take to be among the children who make an impact.  I’m the parent who stands in the corner conveniently giving their child the opportunity to shine on their own.

Then, you have the devoted parent who for all intent purposes hustle their way into casting directors doors, presence and hearts. I’m no way taking away from a child gift or beauty, but he point Im trying to make is their parents have perfected the good old “kiss ass” techniques that will make their child go from a maybe to a “definite yes” por “love them”. Hence, within seconds of the decision a “Booked it” appears on instagram for likes, acknowledgement, and validation.

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