Good byes aren’t welcome here.

You came into my life like a breath of fresh air

A believer and a optimist without despair,

You were to me, as temperance was to a child

Unwilling, defiant and some kind of wild.

Yes, you whisked in full throttle and without care,

Like the orient express swishing by You adorned me with hopes and fears.

Awakened my heart with your lovely sunrise of temptation,

To my wallowing cries of desperation.

You watched me as I matured more so than ever,

In my life being strong, combatted my fears and cushioned my comfort zones,

All the while Learning to be sweet, patient, but most of all clever.

As you leave me here standing patiently at the brink of greatness,

I salute you for all that you have opened my eyes to in this year of reckoning and faith driven kindness.

Thank you 2018, for your doting Pleasures

If it hadn’t being for you this girl wouldn’t have attested to her great measures.

(The winding road to my destination)

Photo: iPhone pic of my excursion into whistler

©️Samora Henderson

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