Conformed by my feelings..

Today, I missed you more than yesterday and even more the day before that. As each day passes by I am comforted to know I have the distinct pleasure of getting to know you even if it’s by texting. The mere thought of you brings an endless smile to my face. I was beside myself and though your a million miles away I felt even farther now that I wasn’t in my usual places conversing with you. Since getting to know you, you have become a significant part of each day and my life on a whole. I can’t see a day passing by without talking to you. Our conversations are built upon understanding with such significance of dare I say, love and happiness on our pending journey.

Here’s what I want you to know, the distance between us can only strengthen our bond. We may have limited conversations but there everlasting on my mind, we started out hopeful so it remains the string that’ll be our saving grace. In such a short amount of time you have managed to alter my emotions making me realize that no negative outlook should be a determine factor on a beautiful ending. I should rely more on the positive aspects of life to overcome all my discontent and fear. If time zones aren’t an interference in our lives then nothing else ought to be a distraction. Time heals all broken wounds and as such time is the reconstructor of limitless possibilities. Consistency on our part is key to a brighter outlook.

Think it not strange how strong of a bond we share without meeting? Think it not strange of the emotional attachment we are building?


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