You scammed My Heart

I wish you were real, you really gave me the feels.

I wish you were real, because you and I could’ve made a big deal.

You came into my life life a thief in the night

For you were actually a thief under disguise.

You bonded with me and made me feel like someone

You alluded me for months in order to become a villain.

Telling me tales of love, showing me affection then out of nowhere I became bamboozled with your coming attractions.

I felt used, and abused that I was so foolish to fall for your silly disguises.

The makeshift house we were building crumbled so fast I barely had time to digest the information.

I took so many moments of silence because all that we had, all that you were, and everything I hope for Died in that very moment.

I blame myself for being so darn fool

All I wanted was someone who seemed so cool

Someone who could understand me

And have relatable experiences as me

Never could I imagine that you would go the lengths you did

I guess I was another con job

Another name crossed off your list

Boy! I wish you could feel my fist.

A once hopeful prospect of love turned into something so sour

Your script brought light into my world

Because under no circumstances would a humans heart be so cold

Yours were, I reckoned I won’t ever feel this way again

my trust turns around once every decade.

You were a lesson well learned, your ego, your ploy and the infallible games you played,

Will only catch up to you when karma has reached your name.


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