Lil Bit of Woman Empowerment‼️‼️

I was born alone so I choose to tackle life alone, not because I am selfish or I have anything to prove but as my duty to conquer this mission I was set fort to do. Life is uncompromisingly difficult and if one isn’t happy with oneself why make life more difficult. Fight through the demons of which set you back, tackle the obstacles head on, and when confronted by impossible just know you are overly prepared from experience.

On any given day we may face challenges never dumb yourself down to think you are unworthy of life, or that success has no purpose in your life. I was a child of limitless potential holding steady to the greatness of which the many women in my life instilled in myself and my siblings. My address should never define me, nor should any position I hold. What should define me though is the belief that as we evolve, we painstakingly change the viewpoints of which we were reared to believe is right based off others merit. I may lack rank in society and even among my classmates But I know one thing and that is I am deserving, I too can carry a generational torch, I too have the ability illicit change for the greater good and that one day I can be a true example for the ones who stop short in their tracks because they allowed life flourish and win the battle without finishing the course.

I lived and breathe struggles at times were even a child of dire circumstances but I became equipped to handle this lifestyle for I know nothing much other than survival skills. I see nothing that stumped my progress for learning. If nothing else I became more intuned to society and it’s labels, how some allowed their present situation to define who they were. I may not represent societies top twenty percent but I’m among a selective few who are willing to push through in honor of defeat and circumstances. To be an example to my siblings and for my children who share not only similar struggles despite my best efforts but ideals.

I am a mother first, solidifying my strength as a example for these kids of mine to exude in their journey. I’m no martyr, just a simple girl with amateur survival skills from the suburbs by way of the island of Jamaica.


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