Memorial 2019

First and foremost with such a heading as Memorial weekend it’s only fair that I pay it forward with the most humblest of respect to the men and women who sacrificed their life in order for me to voice my opinion and be allowed to celebrate in their memory.

man standing on stage
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Let’s all stop and take a deep breath! Now imagine we are almost at the halfway mark of 2019? Yes it’s surreal especially for me. I think it’s important to take some time to reflect every now and then, as I reflect on the last five months of the year, which to me  scurried by like a thief in the night. I am amazed as to how swift time is passing by. It was just yesterday we were ringing in the new year, and shoveling the driveways, and sidewalks with unwanted snow, in my case at least.

Here we are in the transition phase from spring to summer the height of allergy season. I can’t say I love any other season as much as I love summer but on memorial weekend I begin to feel myself a lil bit. I step into that new me, that new version of me that I experience yearly. Take for instance getting a new outfit that fit just right, it compliments your figure just right even though it’s rather difficult to find in many outfits but this particular outfit does just that. As you set out to go about your daily routine four that day the compliments are non stop. You become overwhelmed with gratitude unlike before, all because you feel great, you are appreciated and people notice you and then to top it all off you are glowing in the weather a beautiful aura of appreciation and light. That’s what I feel like stepping in to memorial weekend even though I have no new outfit but my uniform represents a bright cheerful color that sets the tone for this beautiful weekend filled with people forgetting the true meaning of Memorial Day, but yet finding bargains and having barbecues all over the place.

Despite the fact that I have to work I have the feeling of the upmost positive energy all around me. I wish I had this feeling for the short days of winter, I don’t and because of that very feeling Those four or so months of winter seems like I am somehow caught up in Winterfell for the longest winter ever. (All you games of thrones fan know what I am talking about).

I don’t take for granted the fact that I get to experience the seasons because a lot of people would like the opportunity to experience them whether I like them or not. I do have a preference and it starts around memorial weekend, a weekend that usually sets the tone to how my summer days will pan out. As I step foot towards summer2019 I will no doubt be open mind of all the joys I have yet to experience.


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