It’s Graduation season

After thirteen years or so she humbly walked across the stage as if she wasn't worthy of the reward she had just earned herself. Family members congregated in the local Pace University gym because the high school lawn wasn't big enough to accommodate all one hundred thirty graduates as well as their invited guests. Her… Continue reading It’s Graduation season

A different Perspective On Life.

To say goodbye is never an easy deed. We contemplate the simplest of moment even in Our time of need. What makes the heart grow fonder, is it love or despair The world needs more love even as we live in fear, The ideals are changing drastically and it's becoming more common. Death fails in… Continue reading A different Perspective On Life.


What happens when the weeds go unkept? When the duties of the Gardener is no longer a priority? The Garden falls mercy to the rainstorm and the creatures who dares to defy. It becomes neglected by the gentle hands of which brought forth the tender touch of life. When the pruning ceases and the fertilizer… Continue reading Garden