A different Perspective On Life.

To say goodbye is never an easy deed.

We contemplate the simplest of moment even in Our time of need.

What makes the heart grow fonder, is it love or despair

The world needs more love even as we live in fear,

The ideals are changing drastically and it’s becoming more common.

Death fails in comparison to life and believe you me when I say this isn’t a sermon.

The most precious humane act has become ransomed out of sheer disguise.

What is it that they chant “eye for an eye”.

No longer aré the simple gestures appreciated

For life in that same breath has depreciated.

In your final days you sat by the patio door grappling all the fresh air. hoping to see some faint life appear from the garden, but like a gentle woman each bud took its time.

In no time we learned time was of essence, and the bloom appeared so majestically, that we forget it was on our itinerary of things to see,

They say you can’t rush perfection, yet! As bright as the sun with its premature siblings she arrived just in time. No longer was your doubt on the fence.

Days before you departed from your earthly body, your presence was absent from your recliner. Suddenly a perfect lily appears the shape of flower in the nick of time.

Somehow in your transition from this world to your destination I felt your presence in the hopeful disguise of the beautiful yellow Lilly that appeared out of nowhere.

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