What happens when the weeds go unkept?

When the duties of the Gardener is no longer a priority?

The Garden falls mercy to the rainstorm and the creatures who dares to defy.

It becomes neglected by the gentle hands of which brought forth the tender touch of life.

When the pruning ceases and the fertilizer has done its deeds.

What then do we? Do we let the yards of greenery detour from its majestic formation?

Some of us neglect the very thing that brings us joy, due to the fact that our attention span has gotten so limited we are no longer focused nor disciplined. We summon structure to get on with it, to stay the course and finish what we started.

There is no appointed time to claim the directions in which we see fitting, and like our personality the rain ceases, gray mist subsides, and the sun eventually shines. The garden will be greener and sometimes filled with more blossoms than we could’ve imagined because Mother Nature stayed the course and never got distracted.

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