It’s Graduation season

After thirteen years or so she humbly walked across the stage as if she wasn’t worthy of the reward she had just earned herself. Family members congregated in the local Pace University gym because the high school lawn wasn’t big enough to accommodate all one hundred thirty graduates as well as their invited guests. Her family gathered to support her biggest accomplishment yet, and still her attitude towards her milestone were forgoing her chances of been celebrated. up to this point her life seems a drift.

The crowd cheered her on, along with every deserving soul to mark their triumphant victory as they not only graduate, but as they transition from pre-teen juvenile years to teenagers and prospective young adult. She however was carefree and optimistic walking as if she the world was waiting on her arrival, and as if she was owed a debt and walking to collect it with the littlest possible efforts. In all my attendance at graduationu this has got to be the longest nonchalant walk across the stage ever, dragging her legs without much effort because in her mind her careful steps were an indication that something may possibly go wrong. She was clumsy without effort, the epitome of a woman capable of tripping over her own feet. Still, I can’t stress with each strut I recalled the years that lead up to this moment. To say I’m proud is a gross understatement, it was an honor to watch her mature throughout the years. She is still a vulnerable student of life as well as the classroom, but today she was a high school graduate nonetheless. I salute you my dear. You have earned your cap, and gown like the educated warrior you set out to be.

Thirteen years and squeaky clean record, you my dear are a shining example to your peers and siblings that despite pressing circumstances it is possible to advance in and around your circumstances. You have even have taken the time to decorate your cap with your future alma mater, which goes to show dedication is Another step, another example of how focus you are as you set out to attend NYU in the fall. Again, congratulations to you my oldest because although my life can be a whirlwind, your continued accomplishment is proof that I am doing something’s right.

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