Phuckin Politricks

I can bet my bottom dollar that I’m not the only one exhausted by elections and all that is associated with it. 2016 was the darkest election I ever witnessed and was also the first to drag me out of my house to the polls. Why? We had the first ever women candidate and then that other guy who was representing the other party who uttered immigrants had no place in the vision he had for America. A place that was according to the history books built by immigrants and not only that but his current wife was an immigrant, if nothing else ruffled my feathers that statement was a clear indication that although I was naturalized and gave up all rights to my homeland I was an immigrant first, so I identified with all immigrants over the world. So, November 2016 I made my voice loud and clear I stood with the candidate who wanted an America for all, not just the rich and wealthy but us poor, immigrants, and middle class families who were raising kids and had a vision that was inclusive to all. Needless to say it didn’t work pan out as we would like, and just like that the election of 2016 was the longest, darkest moment of the modern day history. I along with half of the nation was numb, it was that night that we saw the true face of America, a part of America that was hidden behind flags and white nationalist movement. As many of us switched off the lights and turned off the television we turned in but not after a solid prayer. White America got what they bargained for and us minority’s was left with a shock Value that was larger than the biggest earthquake on any Richter scale. I was an immigrant living in a country that didn’t welcome us wholeheartedly unless we were doing their dirty work, jobs that were less inclined to the citizens who shared the same view as their now Commander and Chief. That night opened my naive eyes to see no matter how hard we worked to fit in, we would never be equal in Comparison or status to those who went out and voted for the new face of America.

After almost three years of unwarranted changes that was beneficial to the rich and well-off we have now being scarred personally and professionally by the Person in the Oval Office. The country is divided tremendously on the left they display hate towards anyone who oppose their views. On the Right they are seemingly trying to make sense of all that is happening and continues to happen each day. The Man and his overly protective administration live by a code only they understand and seeing that we were coming off of an eight year high as a nation we weren’t prone to so much “breaking news” coming out of the highest house in the nation. I mean the news media remains on stand-by for all the disasters seeping through the Oval Office because the acting Chief and Commander have more in common with my growing five year old twins than that of the Respected Business man he proclaims to be. By the time I Post my rant the Orange luminary will have been occupying the house for some 903 days which is rough estimate. Still it seems as if he may somehow complete his term at this point.


It’s Primary season and the competition is as stiff as it always is, everyone’s amped and each one in their own maniacal way has declared themselves as a representative for the people. This years race is both overcrowded and overwhelming, but if there is any indication that any of the candidate is similar to the current chief he will be forsaken in the initial stages of that particular campaign. The people doesn’t have the wherewithal to relive this trying term again. As an individual I have reached a point where I don’t want to hear anyone from a privileged background tell me that their agenda is to fight for low income families, immigrants, or improve underdeveloped communities. I don’t want to hear that same old bullshit, that strategy is played out. One would think that after forty-five presidents with a similar game plan we underdeveloped communities, immigrants and low to middle income families are tired of being the pawn in this endless game of politricks. One thing this man who sits in the highest house did to secure his seat was talk the truth to his audience because he had a similar agenda about what he hoped to accomplish even when the truth was as heartless as he was. He lives by his own rules and his non-compliance with the rules of the land is what separated him from his counterparts.

If there is anything to be learnt from this nine hundred and something days other than the amount of breaking news per week is to educate yourself about your neighborhood. Attend town hall meetings and if that’s not feasible as in my case find other ways to become active, seek out a candidate that will be beneficial to both you and your community needs and become fully vested in that candidate. I find that after awhile of listening to them they start to play off each other and it becomes tit for tat, who can make the best case to win the vote of the people. Listen to the candidate that is uttering a cause near and dear to ones heart. Who has the apt and the vision to lead the nation in the direction in which you know will be beneficial for your children, after all they are the generation that will reap the benefits.

I didn’t become affiliated to any political party until after my first major election. It was one local primary season when I took myself to the polls to vote and was turned back because I wasn’t identified among the two major parties. I have chosen a party that I identify with and have stuck by them. As a nation we continue to learn how to cope with the aftermath of the 2016 election. Our democracy continues to be questioned after some nine hundred plus days I haven’t seen much improvement. As a nation we have witnessed betrayals, scandals, resignations and firings. Kind of like a very addicting soap opera we are desperately trying to quit but just can’t break the habit. Today I have yet to find anything near and dear to my heart from the mouths of individuals who are desperately trying to succeed in the 2020 election.

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