Extraodinary Souls!

The definition of EXTRAORDINARY states that one is capable of being both remarkable and or very unusual. On any given day I can solidify the term "very unusual" but today I'm defining remarkable. I am no stranger to the idea of a hard and difficult situation but over the course of the years I have… Continue reading Extraodinary Souls!

Through The eyes of my boys!

Summer vacation has been nothing short of enjoyment. We took on so many local adventures and similar exploration that we have yet to be disappointed with all our findings. New York is full of historical gems, a diverse culture, and people who are raw and multifaceted among their many talents. My boys are no strangers… Continue reading Through The eyes of my boys!


What happens when the weeds go unkept? When the duties of the Gardener is no longer a priority? The Garden falls mercy to the rainstorm and the creatures who dares to defy. It becomes neglected by the gentle hands of which brought forth the tender touch of life. When the pruning ceases and the fertilizer… Continue reading Garden