World wide

I onced imagined a life without drama, A World without fear But my elders told me if that's what I prefer  Move under a rock somewhere.... Ridiculed by words of a haters emotion Made a target by my competitors devotion Who can I run to when my life is based off a caption.  Society labeled… Continue reading World wide

My kind of Therapy

I often sit down and think of the perfect stories in my Head, constructing them on paper however isn’t my strong suit.  In the process of converting my thoughts I lose sight of my point, the words escape me, and the overall motivation becomes crippled in the Process. I am not a writer and I… Continue reading My kind of Therapy


You brighten up my day, every second, every minute and every hour. I smile now more than ever. About the way you entered my life, How clever. Who would've thought my backwards thinking Would've open the doors, much less allowed you in. The subtlety and context vary in factors but exchanges are unlike any before… Continue reading Anonymity

(beautiful village in whistler Vancouver) Just a Thought.... Waking up each day is a blessing Walking through the door is rolling the dice of life. At the end of the day after all is said and done your luck is measured up to your daily accomplishments. No one said life was a garden of roses,… Continue reading