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All year I have been waiting for the extremely hyped up “Prime Day”. Shockingly there wasn’t much offer to roused my appetite to reach for my wallet. I actually went out of my way to refrain from the stores in hopes to take advantage of the summers black Friday event. So as it stands I included today’s date on my calendar seeing it’s been marketed as the biggest summer online shopping day of the year. Much to my dismay, there wasn’t much to splurge on with the exception of the new ”firestick”, the prime day wasn’t so prime after all I would have love to see more collaborations for such an extremely advertised event.

Seeing as back to school shopping is looming ahead, it is my silly advice that collaborative efforts could have been combined in the electronics sector for the upcoming school year. Packaging and Bundling deals so parents like me could ease our extremely tight schedule from the comforts of home or the office with just a click away. Half price firesticks, thirty percent of school savings have me waiting for better last minute deals. I rather hold out for when the percentage peak because I’m a bargain shopper who loves a great deal. The whole idea to familiarize yourself with the Internet is to be able to take advantage of moments such as these and be at ease from the congested traffic jam, and overcrowded stores. I may not be apt to the whole parade of savings when it comes to the overrated operation of amazons but it has its perks, it has its purpose, and it’s a game changer shaping a new way we look at shopping from all perspectives.

Individual advertising would have refined my search, allowing me to find more bargains. Instead of forty-eight hours to sieve through a marketplace that seems neverending how about a weekend?